Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Raffaella Fico, who claims he impregnated Balotelli

Raffaella Fico name of the rose after the European Cup in 2012. He is increasingly popular because it's sexy model admitted being pregnant. Fico who once dated Cristiano Ronaldo was revealed that the fetus in her womb is the result of its relationship with Manchester City and Italian national team, Mario Balotelli. Fico really pregnant with Balotelli?

Italian national team failed to realize his ambition certainly win the European Cup from the grip of the Spanish national team, after defeat by a score of 4-0 of the defending champion, in the final on Monday (02.07.12).

The sadness was swept through the squad members 'Gli Azzuri', not to mention Mario Balotelli are very optimistic that previously was able to break the collective football that was exhibited Spain.

However, the good news that Manchester City striker went pascakekalahan, associated with pregnancy (ex) girlfriend, Raffaella Fico.

This was expressed directly by Raffaella told the media after watching Arsenal play in Kiev Olympic Stadium, as reported by Football Italia.

"I've told him (Balotelli) by phone after the game against Germany, that I was pregnant with the child of a relationship with him," said a woman who worked as a model and movie player.

"I mengetahuinnya in mid-May. I to the drugstore and buy a pregnancy test. After conducting tests, I found what I expected, but only my mother and brother who knows about it," she went on.

Mario Balotelli and Raffaella Fico really had intimate relationships, but they reportedly broke up on 29 April last.

In response, Raffaella admitted if he re-established links with Arsenal after being separated.

"Mario and I re-build relationships. He never stopped loving me. It would be a fun father and also the couple who cared for me," said 24-year-old woman.

"For anyone who thinks that I just want to trap a wealthy football player, they should think again. I do not need the money. To be honest we wanted this child. He had said he wanted to marry me and have children," he added.

"I did not bother with what happened, but one thing is certain, these children will bear the name Balotelli with a sense of pride," said Raffaella


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