Sunday, October 30, 2011

Raffaella Fico paparazzi with Balotelli on the "Sun"

Fig lla ends on the "Sun." The showgirl was Neapolitan paparazzi over the weekend in the company of her boyfriend, the Manchester City striker Mario Balotelli. The couple was posing next to a human statue in white makeup. "The new love of Mario Balotelli is a 'bunga bunga' girl," said the British tabloid headline. Later in the article it is stated that Fico would be one of the 33 women who participated in festivities at the home of Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Not only Balottelli. It is said of his flirtation with Cristiano Ronaldo, when the player played for Manchester United. Although in July 2009, the current Real Madrid striker had announced expecting a child by a mysterious woman, then declaring that he would have recognized.

The tabloid also seems very interested in the story about the loss of virginity of Fico Raffaella had launched a few years ago, a provocation which called for a € 1 million in exchange for her virginity. A life full of surprises QUALLI Super Mario's girlfriend, ironically the "Sun." And speaking of the application launched by the attacker in the game last weekend, "Why always me?" Concludes: "if you continue to bet girls like Raphael, Mario, is not difficult to understand why."


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