Sunday, September 5, 2010

Internet Can Prevent senile.

This is good news for the netters and bloggers in general as well as for the aged (elderly) in particular.

Due to access the Internet, we can not only find information but to surf in this virtual world, can help to improve and train brain functions.

And this, especially for the elderly, can prevent senile dementia (dementia), which often threatens the elderly, because with the Internet access means we've done or involve the brain in an activity which is quite complicated so that brain function can still be maintained.

By surfing the Internet, supposing we like reading a book, so that part of the brain which functions to control language, control memory and visual resources will go to work, even adding an additional activity for the brain is to control the decisions and considerations.

This is what distinguishes it from reading, because when we surf on the internet then we will be faced with different options of information that should we choose or we click, with the decision to be made this is the activity of the brain for decision making and consideration will be continuously refined.

Well, if the elderly sering2 looking for information on the internet will inhibit a number of aging on the brain, such as reduction or downsizing brain cell activity and this will make parents keep his memory fresh.

There are also several other activities that allegedly can also prevent dementia / senility is a puzzle, playing music, playing chess and also be assisted by maintaining a balanced diet with nutrition and do not forget it is with regular exercise.
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